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‘Apeejay help students unleash their hidden potential’

Dhananjay Sharma, Joint General Manager at Delhi Metro and parent of Apeejay Saket students Brahmanshi and Haryansh, says in today’s age, student success is no longer one-dimensional.



Dhananjay Sharma with his spouse Rakhi Sharma and children Brahmanshi and Haryansh 

Dhananjayis Joint General Manager (Signal & Telecom) at Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.He has done B.Tech in Electronics and Communication and M.B.A. in Project Management. His spouse Rakhi has done MPhil in Biological Sciences (Entomology) and is a homemaker. They are proud parents of Brahmanshi and Haryansh. The former is in class 6 while the latter is in KG of Apeejay Saket. In an interview, Dhananjay explains what makes Apeejay Saket one of the best schools in the capital region. Edited excerpts:

What made you pick Apeejay?

I received excellent feedback from mycolleague whose daughter was studying in Apeejay. Through him I came to know that Apeejay has an excellent academic record and is known for giving due prominence to human values and extracurricular activities. Its faculty too is excellent. Without wasting any time, I got Brahmanshi enrolled in Nursery followed by Haryansh.

Take us through the progress you have seen in your children since joining Apeejay?

When Brahmanshi joined the school, she was shy and lacked confidence and self-belief. Over the years, the constant support of school and teachers have helped Brahmanshi make rapid progress in all aspects of education. Her communication skills have improved remarkably along with her reading and writing skills. Brahmanshi not only speaks freely in front of an audience but also chooses the appropriate words or phrases for the context of the situation. Last year she won a ‘Science award’ for being exceptional in the subject. The USP of Apeejay is that it focuses on holistic development of students and helps unleash their hidden potential. In today’s age, student success is no longer one dimensional. Not every student can be exceptional in academics, he/she can shine in singing, dancing, acting, art, sports or many other streams.Therefore, it’s important to find the hidden potential of children at the school level and help mould their future by reflecting their capacities. Talking about Haryansh, he too is doing great in school. I am happy to declare that ‘East or West – Apeejay School is the best’.

Why are parents nowadays giving special emphasis on extracurricular activities?

In the age of cut-throat competition, extracurricular activities give you an edge in life and career. That’s why parents understand the significance of extra-curricular activities for their child’s future. These activities help children to develop their social skills, explore different areas of interest, boost self-confidence, build leadership skills, learn time management skills and help them gain countless other soft skills. Parents need 360-degree development of their child – where academics and extracurricular activities work in tandem.  

How are the teachers?

Apeejay has one of the best faculty in Delhi. Their focus is not limited to academics, they strive to inculcate moral values in children. Having values such as kindness, humility, courage, and compassion at an early age builds a child’s character. Importantly, it also helps kids to distinguish right from wrong. For instance, in this internet-era, having good values helps students steer clear of some perilous online content. Coming back to teachers, they must be commended for ensuring smooth transition to online learning. They have worked hard so that students get the most out of the online learning experience.

Share with us your most memorable moment.

When Brahmanshi was enrolled in Nursery, we too, like most parents, were anxious as to how the school will treat her and look after her well-being. However, her class teacher Ms. Lakshmi Parvati assured us not to worry at all and declared that ‘Brahmanshi is now the daughter of Apeejay Saket, and be rest assured we will take full care of her.’ This moment really touched me deeply.

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