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Apeejay assured me – I will rise and shine: Sayak Bhattacharjee



Sayak Bhattacharjee

Getting campus placement at Federal Bank, Karnataka in 2019 as Probationary Officer, Sayak Bhattacharjee (26) who hails from West Bengal has a great interest in playing guitar, listening to music and reading books. However, he was totally into academics and was a researcher while pursuing his PGDM (HR) from Apeejay School of Management, Dwarka.

“Taking the advantage of the resources in my college days, I used to do several researches, like on artificial intelligence & machine learning.”  

Why did you choose Apeejay over other institutes?

Frankly speaking, I got 4-5 options in Delhi but while comparing and interacting with each college, the inner feeling and affinity I got from Apeejay made me make my decision. They treated us like an asset. The faculty made me feel that it is their responsibility to make their students a shining star.

Has Apeejay helped you during the placement process? 

A lot! I sat for 8-10 placement processes, but I succeeded in only two. When I got rejected from Amazon, that was my dream place to work, I was devastated. The mental support I got from our teachers revived my enthusiasm and I cracked two placement processes.

Tips for students aspiring for campus placement amid pandemic?

In this crisis situation, grab whatever opportunity you are getting. Jobs are running out. First enter the company and then you can manage the switch. Don’t be selective about  your domain.

A mantra to survive the corporate world?

Focus, focus and focus. If you are focused in your world, neither office politics nor any negativity can shroud you.

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