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‘An Ode to Mother Earth’: Poem by Bhavyaa Goel, Apeejay School, Pitampura



An Ode to Mother Earth

Let’s all join our hands together
 To make this earth a better place forever
 The incorporation of special attributes like oxygen, water and the sun
Makes our mother earth among all planets, a unique one
Mother earth is the one who gave us birth
Giving us this golden opportunity to do something of great worth
Why don’t we preserve its heavenly beauty?
Let’s add this up to our list of fundamental duty
The lush green trees, the cool clean breeze
The sunset and the morning would always be there for your ease
This is all earth’s creation
And a gift for the entire nation
Mother earth gives away her innumerable gifts for all to share
But we the humans are not ready to care
Let’s all tread to the path of reduce, recycle, reuse and refuse
To decrease the amount of blatant misuse
Creating awareness regarding its conservation
Is the only way to honour our mother earth’s creation
A big salute to her liberality
For always providing us with her favourable hospitality.

  Bhavyaa Goel
Apeejay School Pitampura
Class: IX-c

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