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‘After graduating in 2004 myself, I again chose Apeejay for my son after more than 17 years!’

Dr. Bhumika Kalra, an Assistant Professor and mother whose son studies at Apeejay School, Pitampura, says that the school’s strength lies its holistic curriculum



An alumnus of Apeejay School, Faridabad, Dr. Bhumika Kalra fondly remembers her alma mater, recalling how she was the Vice-Head Girl of her school. A favourite among her classmates and teachers, after years, the Assistant Professor with Chacha Nehru Bal Chikitsalaya at Geeta Colony, Delhi, Dr. Kalra chose Apeejay School, Pitampura for her son, Yuvaan Gupta for his nursery admission in April 2021. Yuvaan’s father, Dr. Ankit Gupta, is a gastroenterologist with Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh. In an interview, she says, “As working parents, we barely get time to look into our child’s daily classes. Therefore, I chose Apeejay, an institution I can always go back to, after all these years”. Edited excerpts:

First, I would like to ask you about your schooling experience?

It has been a long association with Apeejay. I was well-liked by my teachers at the school. I am still in touch with so many teachers and friends from there. At school, I learnt that apart from academics, one has to have a great personality too. Due to the encouragement from my teachers, I used to participate in so many international-level competitions and received many prizes. I never felt over-burdened during my school years.

How did your son’s nursery admission come about?

I wanted to put my son, Yuvaan in a school that focuses on overall development. Spoken English, academics, extra-curriculars are all taken care of very well by the school.

How was the experience while enrolling your son?

It all happened very smoothly. The school managed everything very well. I even met the principal, Ms. Veena Goel on my visit and she was very compassionate. I took a look at all the facilities of the school, they have everything there, even a uniform-centre and a book-shop. They have an amphitheatre for the students, and I was very confident about the school since I am an alumni myself.  

How is the school’s approach unique?  

The institution gives each student a chance to participate in the school events. My son has become aware of all of them through the school functions. He has also received several Appreciation certificates for his class presentations, recitations etc. His teachers are very patient and pay attention to each and every student.

Is it easy to manage your son’s classes as working parents?

Yes, we do let very little time for his regular classes. Yuvaan usually studies under the guidance of his grandparents. I have noticed that he is very clear with his concepts and he does his classwork and homework on time. The school is pretty organised in terms of the class schedules and they inform us well in advance.

Any interesting anecdotes from his online classes?

Yes, I remember, once my son’s teacher asked him to unmute himself and tell her three-lettered words that he knows of. He got really excited as he wanted to interact with his teacher. So, began reading out his favourite story. Seeing this, his teacher became really happy about his enthusiasm.

Would you be keen to send your child back to school as it re-opens?

Yes, Yuvaan has made several ‘virtual’ friends from his classes. He really looks forward to meeting them in person.

Any final tips for fellow parents?

I would suggest enrolling their children with Apeejay Schools. I am very happy with it and Apeejay, Pitampura is one of the best schools in Delhi. 

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