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A reflection on the importance of Hindi language in today’s global landscape

National Service Scheme and Rotaract Club of Apeejay Stya University, Gurugram, join hands to celebrate Hindi Diwas



The National Service Scheme (NSS) and Rotaract Club of Apeejay Stya University (ASU), Gurugram, came together to celebrate Hindi Diwas, an event that aimed to underline the significance of the Hindi language while encouraging students to reflect on their linguistic heritage. This day featured engaging activities, including article writing and discussions, providing students with a platform to express their thoughts on Hindi’s importance in contemporary society.

The event commenced with students being given two thought-provoking topics to write articles on. The first topic, “Hindi Bhasha Meri Nazro Mein” (Hindi Language in My Eyes), encouraged students to explore their personal connection with the language. The second topic, “Aaj Ke Daur Mein Hindi Bhasha Ki Mahatvata” (The Relevance of the Hindi Language in Today’s Era), challenged them to analyse the significance of Hindi in the modern world.

After an enthusiastic session of article writing, students took turns reading out their creations, sharing their perspectives on the importance of Hindi.

Shubhangi Saxena, a 2nd year B.Tech Biotechnology student, shared her thoughts on the event, saying, “Vijay sir encouraged us to think about our own language, Hindi, which most of us are forgetting these days. We also had a discussion session regarding why it is important to promote the Hindi language and what can be done to promote it. After a lot of thoughts and opinions, we came to the conclusion that only a language that is regularly used can stay alive, and if we minimise using our language, there may be a future risk of losing it forever.”

The event’s discussion session was an insightful platform for students to express their concerns about the diminishing use of Hindi and brainstorm ideas on how to promote and preserve the language. Participants discussed the role of Hindi in preserving cultural heritage, fostering national unity, and connecting with the masses. They also emphasised the need for Hindi to evolve with the times and adapt to the digital age while staying rooted in its rich tradition.

The successful event concluded with a renewed commitment to promoting Hindi and preserving its cultural significance in today’s rapidly changing world. It highlighted the need for continued efforts in nurturing and celebrating the linguistic and cultural heritage that Hindi represents.

Divya is a Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has a degree of Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. She was a former sub-editor at News 24. Her passion for writing has always contributed to her professional and personal growth.