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A memorable school trip to Manali



By: Myra Seth

Reema and Tushar were playing when their parents called them and said, “We just received a message that the school is organising a trip to Manali.” The siblings cheered up and exclaimed, “Hurray!”

The next day, they received consent forms and trip details from the school. During tea time, Reema and Tushar showed the consent form to their family. Their father submitted the form and paid for the trip at the school. The children grew more excited with each passing day. A day before the trip, Reema and Tushar busily packed their bags, including their favourite clothes and games.

On the day of the trip, the brother and sister woke up early in the morning, and their mother prepared their favourite dishes. They reached school, and the buses were ready to depart. The children waved goodbye to their parents and took their seats on the bus. The journey began with claps, taps, and songs.

The roads appeared adorned with rows of trees on both sides, and the lush green fields looked wonderful. The journey paused shortly for lunch and after a while, the children caught sight of a beautiful valley surrounded by hills. As the altitude increased, they could see pine and fir trees. The buses crossed tunnels and bridges until they finally arrived in Manali in the evening. Due to the long journey, everyone was tired, so they had dinner and went to sleep.

The next day started early with activities after breakfast. The first activity was zip-lining, where the kids had to cross a river using a rope. Then it was time for bungee jumping. Reema and Tushar thoroughly enjoyed the activities, but a few of their friends had a fear of heights. The next activity involved crossing a wooden stick bridge while holding onto a rope on its side. All the activities were supervised by experts, and everyone had a great time. They had snacks and, later in the evening, a bonfire was lit while dinner was served around it.

On the second day, the children got ready for a trek. It was the first time Reema and Tushar felt so close to nature. They walked along a rocky path to reach a waterfall. The view was mesmerising, and the kids became playful, splashing water on each other. The teacher called them back and said, “Students, enough fun for now. Come here and learn how to set up a camp.” Soon, the tents were ready. In the evening, the children shared stories, danced, and played around the bonfire. There was so much fun and laughter. When the lights went off, the kids went back to their tents.

On the third day, they went for sightseeing. They visited Hadimba Devi Temple, Solang Valley, Gurudwara Manikaran Sahib, and enjoyed rafting on the Beas River during their return journey.

It was the last day of the trip, and the students went to explore the local market and bought some gifts for their families. In the evening, the hotel organised a cultural dance show and served Himachali food, which was a treat for both the eyes and taste buds.

The time had come to return home. On the ride back, they were captivated by the scenic beauty. When they arrived at school, their parents were waiting for them. The memorable trip came to an end with smiles on Reema and Tushar’s faces.