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A melancholic dream



By Samar Bhatia

“Ryan, I hope you are doing well,” received an email from his older brother, Jack, who was in the military. Jack had not been at home in what Ryan exaggerated as “Centuries”. Jack loved him more than he did himself. Earlier that year, they both had lost their mother because of cancer.

It was the last day before the spring vacation. Ryan as usual had drifted to a dreamland as his teacher would say. But on that day, it wasn’t the same. Ryan wasn’t responding to anything, his teacher was screaming at him to wake up, which could be heard in the next building as well, but to his avail no response. His teacher called the paramedics, and when they checked him they were not able to find anything.

Ryan was dreaming of an extra-terrestrial plane which we humans do not think exists. Ryan was amazed by the beauty of paradise but there he saw something and had a breakdown, he saw his mother waiting for him. Even in reality tears flew down his eyes, the only exception he still did not wake up. His mother called his name “Ryan” like she was waiting for him. He rushed towards her and hugged her, but knew that this was temporary and that she was a mere reflection. But in the normal world, Ryan was in the hospital.

Jack and his dad rushed to the hospital as soon as they found out Ryan’s health. He said to his mother, “Is it my time to come with you mother?” to which she replied, “No Son, you have a full life to live!,” Ryan explained, “Dad misses you everyday even more than we do.” In return, his mother said, “I see you every day, and I will keep on looking over you.” While bidding adieu his mother said, “Alright, it’s my time to leave.” “Please, don’t go Mom,” said Ryan with tears in his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, no one but his dad and brother was teary-eyed and looking over at him. “Thank, the Almighty, you are okay,” said his dad, hugging him. Ryan finally spoke and said, “I saw mom.” Jack asked, “What did she say?” Ryan then explained the situation, and his father started crying with her memories in his head. In the end, Ryan got over this situation and got better.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi