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A heartfelt tribute to my beloved Nani



By Mabondeep Singh

Hello viewers, I have created a picture of my Nani, Ms. Satnam Kaur. Recently, I have started working on my sketching skills under the guidance of my teacher, and on the very first day, I decided to make a sketch of my beloved Nani.

Since my childhood, she has always been a source of inspiration for me. She appreciates my achievements and teaches me to be a good human being. She is a true storehouse of knowledge and information, always updating my understanding with the information she gathers from various media sources. If she ever feels that I am doing something wrong, she corrects me right away. She is very friendly and is, in fact, my true friend.

I still remember an incident from when I was in grade 2, which was about four years ago. There was an activity to decorate a photo frame, and our teacher instructed us to bring pictures of our mothers and fathers to paste into the frames. However, for some reason, I chose a picture of my Nanu and Nani. Even though my mother tried to convince me to use pictures of my parents, saying that everyone would comment on how old my Nanu and Nani looked, I was adamant about using their picture.

My Nani is my real friend, guide, mentor, and everything to me. I have spent a significant amount of time with her, and she helps me learn my subjects, especially Punjabi and English. I strongly believe that we should respect our elders and shower them with as much love as we can.