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How to be ‘HAPPIONAIRE’?



By Kamakshi Sharma

You all might be wondering… What is Happionaire? Happionaire is the term used to express happiness (which is immeasurable). Millionaire and billionaire both words rhyme and resemble happionaire. In other words, this term means having a bucket full of happiness. But the million-dollar question is… How to be a Happionaire?

We should first start by loving for things around us. We must count our blessings and feel grateful for each small and big possession. We should start having a positive outlook even when the whole world seems negative, because being positive can brighten our way.

Enjoying the tasks that you do is also very important because if you don’t enjoy your work, you won’t be able to work properly. Loving your tasks can help you finish them soon.  Hence, loving your tasks and actions can also help you gradually become a happionaire every day. Smiling and asking others to smile back can be a bright and wonderful activity that costs nothing.

Choosing happiness daily can be another hallmark of becoming a happy person inside and out. It can benefit every student to build a happy environment, groom his/her relations, and excel in every walk of life. To become a millionaire and a billionaire, hard work and great efforts are needed. On the other hand, to become a happionaire, just habit formation and the right mindset are required. Let us all pledge to become a happionaire in our lives.