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5 reasons to pursue Home Science

With a rising emphasis on health, wellness, sustainable living, and work-life balance, there is a surging demand for home science professionals in various sectors



Are you simply a foodie? Or do you love cooking? Then pursuing a career in Home Science might be an excellent way to begin a fantastic food journey. Home Science isn’t just a course which creates homemakers, but nutritionists, public health workers and more. Expressing a  similar thought, Dr. Monika Anand, Head, Department of Home Science at Apeejay College of Fine Arts (ACFA), Jalandhar, highlights how Home Science is an integrated skill-oriented subject with multiple benefits for personal as well as professional life. “It’s a great combination of arts, aesthetics and science for a better living and healthy lifestyle. One can opt for Home Science as an elective subject or as a degree programme at undergraduate level. It’s specialisations, including Foods & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Family Resource Management, Human Development and Extension,” she adds.

She further emphasises, “Education offers practical knowledge in all aspects dealing with our everyday life. The knowledge of these fields prepares the aspirants for job roles in food and fashion industry, hospitality and healthcare sector, education, research, service, tourism and above all entrepreneurship. It helps one to make one’s passion as a profession. Home Science offers job roles as dieticians, nutritionists, educators, fashion designers, textile designers, event managers, interior decorators, bakers, chefs, child care professionals, scientists and social workers after pursuing Masters in the respective field.”

So let’s look at how choosing a career in Home Science offers a range of exciting opportunities and benefits: 

Diverse Career Options: Home Science opens doors to diverse career paths for graduates, who can explore opportunities in nutrition and dietetics, interior design, fashion and textile industry, child and family services, food technology, community development, and more. This versatility allows individuals to tailor their careers to their specific interests and passions within the realm of Home Science.

Contribution to Society: Home Science professionals play a vital role in improving the lives of individuals, families, and communities. They work towards enhancing nutrition and health, promoting sustainable practices, empowering families, and fostering well-being. By choosing a career in Home Science, you can make a positive impact on society and contribute to the betterment of individuals and communities.  Dr. Anand adds, “Precisely, Home Science isn’t just about cooking and presenting delicacies. It offers much more than that in terms of health and nutrition. Preparing yummy and tasty food is liked by everyone, but knowledge of its nutritional and health benefits adds to its delight. Moreover, passion for culinary adds to the flavour. Just to emphasise, Foods and Nutrition is just one field of Home Science. One needs to follow one’s passion and creativity.”

Practical and Life Skills: Home Science equips individuals with practical and life skills that are essential for everyday living. It provides knowledge and expertise in areas such as nutrition, cooking, home management, textile care, and child development. These skills not only benefit individuals in their personal lives, but also make them valuable assets in the workforce, enabling them to lead healthy, organised, and sustainable lifestyles. 

Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Home Science offers excellent prospects for entrepreneurship. Graduates can start their own businesses in various fields such as food and catering services, interior design consultancy, clothing and fashion design, or even open their own childcare centers. The combination of practical skills, creativity, and knowledge gained through Home Science education provides a strong foundation for entrepreneurial ventures. 

This is what Chitwan Gupta, alumna of ACFA (Batch 2020-23) explain, who is currently executing her passion as a Home Baker. She mentions, “Since childhood I was interested in cooking and this interest took an interesting turn when I opted for Home Science in my school as well as my college. Not only did this subject helped me in honing my culinary skills, it also made me realise that I could use my passion as a pathway to my profession. And under the able guidance of my dear teachers from the esteemed department of home science in my college, I am on my way of making my career in the field of my choice. Now I’m a home baker. I’m thinking of taking this passion to the next level and be an entrepreneur and a pastry chef in the future. Home science made it really easy for me to understand various factors related to cooking, like their nutritive values and how to enhance the same. And today’s world has become so health conscious that I started making gluten-free cakes as well as traditional cakes. So all the credit goes to home science for helping me pursue my passion and livelihood at the same time.”

Growing Demand: The demand for Home Science professionals is increasing, driven by changing societal needs and trends. With a growing emphasis on health, wellness, sustainable living, and work-life balance, there is a rising demand for experts in areas such as nutrition, interior design, and child development. By pursuing a career in Home Science, you position yourself in a field with a promising job market and potential for growth.

But sometimes, we often come across this debatable question: Is Home Science a lucrative career option only for girls?

Well, the Home Science professor from ACFA explains, “It is important to mention that self-reliance is a skill set needed for all irrespective of gender. Home Science is on the path of breaking the gender stereotypes as it offers ample job opportunities to all in different sectors.So it’s no longer considered beneficial only for a better family life but it helps in making one self reliant. Home Science can be opted by girls and boys for a fruitful career.”

All in all, if you have a passion for nutrition and food to create an impact in your and other’s life, choosing a career in Home Science can be a fulfilling and rewarding choice.

Harshita is Assistant Editor at Apeejay Newsroom. With experience in both the Media and Public Relations (PR) world, she has worked with Careers360, India Today and Value360 Communications. A learner by nature, she is a foodie, traveller and believes in having a healthy work-life balance.