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You see obstacles once you take your eyes off your goal!



By Lisha Chauhan

Lisha Chauhan,
Class XII-C, Apeejay School, Noida

Life is an eventful journey. And success, failure, obstacles and solutions are the inherent elements of it. But, they all depend on our power and will to focus, and eventually achieve our goals.

According to the Hindu religious text, Mahabharata, Arjun’s aim was to hit the eye of a fish while a wheel rotated continuously. Like all of us, he too had to face numerous obstacles to achieve his goal. His obstacles were more than what meets the eye, i.e. the moving wheel, fish along with the criticism and the challenge imposed on him by society.

But, Arjun, too, was determined to move forward despite the unsupportive environment to hit the fish. He then became a symbol of determination, zeal and focus. He had many reasons for not being able to achieve success but he was sure to not take his eyes off his goal.

Surely, we can all agree that it was an era blessed by God and Kalyuga isn’t. However, the power to focus still lies in us. I believe that one must multiply all the work by ten and every obstacle by zero. Then only would they see their dreams with open eyes and work hard for it. An individual will then become unstoppable.

To provide another example from the Mahabharata, a tree has an uncountable number of leaves, but Eklavya could only rest till he hit the eye of a parrot sitting on the treetop. He could, at that time, easily get distracted with the parrot’s beautiful feathers, the leaves of the tree or even juicy fruits hanging down from the branches.

I feel that every goal we want to achieve shouldn’t be within our reach. It should rather be just a step ahead, so that we could jump a little high off our level and lead to success.

Achieving something that is well within our reach already is not joyous. And running away from the obstacle is the worst one can do because if one runs away from them, they sometime or the other circle back to us. Therefore, it is best to overcome them once and for all.

If we keep getting everything we want to have all the time, then we will have no drive left in us to conquer great things. To succeed in any journey, the formula is hard work and determination. After all, success is sweet, but its secret is sweat.