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When friends and classmates get inspired!



By  Ahana Gupta 

 Ahana Gupta, VII‐A 
Apeejay School, Pitampura 

While Charlotte was having breakfast, she knew that this was going to be an exciting and important day for her. “Charlotte! It’s getting late! Do you want to be late to school today?” came the voice of
her mother. The 14‐year‐old Charlotte, residing at Fifth Avenue, New York replied, “Coming Mom! Just finishing up my breakfast!”  

As she took a sip of hot milk, she glanced at her presentation file. On top of the slightly blue coloured file the words “Medieval History and its Importance” were written with brown. She packed up her
back bag and hurried to school.  

She, fortunately, arrived right on time. Taking out her presentation she hurried towards her classroom. She slipped on the slippery floor “Watch out, Miss!” Mr. Derek, the sweeper, exclaimed.
“I am sorry, Mr. Derek.” Was her reply as she gratefully grabbed his hand and stood up. She smiled and, cautiously, hurried towards her classroom.  

She sat at her usual spot, sighing in relief, realizing that the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. Her best friend, Lucy, whispered to her “Hey! Why are you late?”
“Oh! I, somehow, forgot to set the alarm last night.”  

Lucy chuckled at her forgetful friend. Their history teacher, Mrs. Rein, entered. “Good Morning everyone! I hope you all are ready for giving the presentations? You will be graded for your enrichment based on your presentation.”  Murmurs of “Yes mam” rang through the class.  “Good! So now one by one, according to your spots, you’ll stand up and come here to make your presentations. Let’s start.” 
A boy stood up to give his presentation on “Weather and Climate”. Once his presentation was over, an applause echoed through the classroom. The next person stood up and gave his presentation.  

Charlotte got even more excited as more and more students went back to their spots after giving their presentations. Her friend, Thomas Smith, stood up to give his presentation. Their eyes met and
she gave him a sweet, charming smile which he happily imitated.  
“Medieval History and its Importance”

Charlotte’s smile faded away. ‘What?’ She thought. Thomas continued his presentation. Charlotte frowned as she recognized that all the subtopics were the same as her presentation and in the same
order! How foolish it was of her to send a copy of her project to him last night. She started raging in anger.  

“Inspired by the presentation made by Charlotte Simmons.” Charlotte looked up, shocked, upon hearing her name. Who would have expected him to say that!

It was lunch time; Charlotte was talking with Thomas and Lucy. Their presentations lay besides them, embossed with an A on them.