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What would happen if the sun went on a holiday?



By Kalp Nanavaty

The Sun is at the centre of the Solar System. It is an important natural resource which gives light and heat to animals, plants and humans. We need Vitamin D to strengthen our bones and the mighty Sun gives it to us.

The Sun also gives us pleasant days and nights when the Earth rotates onto its axis. The Sun is responsible for the seasons we enjoy, the spring and the flowers, the hot summer and winter. If the sun would go on a vacation sometime, the following things could happen: The earth would become cold and dark. Houses powered with solar panels will experience a power cut. There would be no gravity to hold the planets together in orbit and therefore, the planets would start drifting away. 

In the Solar System, we could experience a Big Bang as the planets, debris and the asteroids would start colliding with each other.

We can expect ourselves to become extinct. And even if the Earth survives this Big Bang, it will slowly end up in the ever-expanding universe or even a Black Hole. So, we now know that we must not take the Sun’s precious energy for granted and begin to channel value this gift of Nature.