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What my internship experience at a production house taught me



By Muskan Anand

It all started when I began to search for internships for myself during the summer break. My mentor Sabiha Farhat helped me catch up with Dreamcatchers Films, a production house in Gurugram. I was excited and nervous at the same time but it went quite smoothly.
I got the opportunity to work on a documentary named ‘Superstructures: Experion Windchants’ for National Geographic channel. 
At first, I was assigned to work in the writing and research department.  I didn’t really enjoy doing it because I wanted to be on the sets. But then I reminded myself that every big thing starts with small baby steps. And eventually I started to like the writing part as well.
About a month later, it was time for the shoot schedule to begin and I was ELATED, to say the least. 
My first day on the set was a little tougher than I thought, but I loved my work. I liked the rush on sets, the camera, the lighting and the hustle that took place, and I realised that there is always a thing or two which can go wrong, but eventually one needs to find a way out.
Beyond the hustle, I also made some companions, alongside whom the working became more fun and effective. 
The experience I had here was so fascinating that I could not make up my mind to leave this organisation.  Learning goes on and never ends and I look forward to more such experiences.

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