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We are in awe of Apeejay’s value-based education: Dr. Pragati Mohindru



Dr. Pragati
Dr. Pragati Mohindru with her family

Dr. Pragati Mohindru, an oral and maxillo facial surgeon and her husband Dr. Aditya Mohindru, an endodontist, have complete trust in Apeejay’s value-based education. Their three-year-old son Atharv Mohindru is studying in Nursery class at Rhythms Kinderworld, Model Town. They own a multi-speciality clinic – Mohindru Dental Clinic & Endodontics Speciality Centre. In an informal conversation, Dr. Pragati talks about how the teachers’ right approach is helping their son grasp things easily.

What made you choose Rhythms?

My husband Dr. Aditya Mohindru is an Apeejay alumnus. He has complete trust in the education system. Besides, before the admission of Atharv we visited the school and found the environment very child-friendly. It’s very spacious and when we met the teachers, they were welcoming.

My son got his admission in pre-nursery in December 2020 when Rhythms was conducting online classes. However, other major schools in the city were not conducting virtual classes for Rhythms. It also became another reason for selecting Apeejay over other schools.

Your child’s response to online classes?

The online classes, to my surprise, are going on really well. At first, I was not sure whether he will be able to sit in front of the laptop or not. Initially it used to be for about 30-45 minutes. He then started getting connected with the teachers. All the teachers are very friendly.

Keeping in mind the work schedules of parents, Apeejay is providing us two time slots—morning and evening. We can choose according to our schedule.

Is Atharv grasping things that are being taught in the virtual classes?

Yes. Initially I don’t realise that he has learnt what he is being taught, but before going to bed, he repeats everything. There are times, when he is being taught certain things, he takes them into practice in real life too.

Anything special that the school has done during the pandemic?

They are celebrating each and every festival and occasion. They have also organised a drive-through programme on Lohri. With all the precautions followed by the school, we visited the school for 15 minutes. It was an amazing experience for both our child and us. The school was decorated beautifully and we could meet the teachers and a few of his classmates as well.

I would really appreciate these efforts as at this young age, if the child can go to school once in a month or so, it’s a positive reinforcement. The child knows about the existence of school. Along with this, they get knowledge about the festivals too.

Tell us a little about your son?

He is a little mischievous, but an obedient child. He listens to his teachers and there are times when he favours his teachers more than me. He loves colouring. If a teacher tells the students that eating vegetables is good for health, it is embedded in their minds. After 4-5 days, he comes and tells me about the importance of vegetables and then asks me to cook for him.

What is one special trait that he has picked up at school?

The most noticeable thing is that he is being polite and knows to greet everyone. He has learnt values from the teachers. While celebrating green day, environment day he has learnt to save plants and grow more plants.

“Values taught by the teachers will remain in my son’s subconscious mind forever.”

–Dr. Pragati Mohindru

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