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Tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep



Everyone has their own set of thoughts. Some might perceive a particular thing to be correct while others might perceive it to be wrong.  The tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep, as he knows that the standpoint of a sheep is not essential to him. He knows that the sheep is not capable enough to judge him. A tiger is aware of his abilities and the difference in the level of him and the sheep. So the sheep’s opinion leaves him with no concern. Instead of losing sleep, the tiger walks confidently and fiercely. He has the ability to dictate instead of being dictated.

Similarly in our lives, people will try to impose their free advice. Not everyone would accept the way you live or act. Out of the blue, people would also like to pour in their suggestions, but it is up to us to decide whose opinion matters in our lives. Be like a tiger and don’t acknowledge what a person as timid as a sheep opines about you.

You know your worth and you don’t need to get approval from others. Just keep heading on your path without being affected by the opinions of others. As you know whose opinion should concern you, and what sort of people matter in your life. Stay strong, head out, smile at the haters, and move on. Needless to say, be unapologetically yourself!

Only reasonable opinions from sensible people matter. Others are just pouring out their useless suggestions that would be of no good to you. Use your own brain and do not get affected so easily by what others say or think about you. As not everyone who minds your actions should matter to you. Also, those who matter to you are not the ones who should mind your actions.