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Talent Treasure

‘The value of hard work’: Short story by Aakifah Khan, Apeejay School, Nerul



It was a sunny day, the day truly promised to be warm. But that morning was not as normal as mornings usually are. It was ‘THE RESULT DAY. All parents were expecting their children to secure the first position in the class. This expectation was valid for Annie, an 11-year-old child. She had worked very hard and spent several nights studying. 

But when it was her parent’s chance to collect the report card, she was
down in the dumps and didn’t expect a B grade. She started thinking
negative things and thought this was the end of the world. She had promised her
mother that she would perform well, but couldn’t keep her promise. 

She had not spoken a word since seeing the report card. Her mother noticed her and said, “There are times when you will  feel the highest of your spirit and sometimes the darkest of it that you had never imagined.” Annie felt better than before. One of her friends, Gobi, had  secured the first position in her class. Gobi felt on top of the world. She started boasting and teased her as well . But Annie, because of her kind-hearted behaviour, did not mind. None of her friends realised that she was hurt by Gobi’s disgraceful act.

 “You illiterate girl, you can never beat me.” These words had a great impact on Annie. Every time she would do something, Gobi’s words used to revolve in her head. She dreamed of a situation with everyone clapping as she stood 1st in class. It seemed as if  Annie had not only made a strong commitment but a powerful act towards this vision. Exams were around the corner, making Annie confused with her emotions.

In a week, exams had passed leaving behind Annie with mixed feelings. Results
were declared and Annie stood 1st in her class. Tears rolled down from Annie’s eyes as her dreams were now real. Gobi was stunned. She realised her mistake and apologised to Annie. Annie forgave her and became best friends with her.

Don’t underestimate someone
2) Dreams are those that don’t let you sleep unless accomplished
3) Believe in yourself

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi