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The Raspberry Kingdom



By: Srishti Tiwary

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom named- The Raspberry Kingdom. The name of the King was Ruzain and the name of the Queen was Rebina. They had three children, two girls Raserla and Resica; and one boy Rasber. All the people in the kingdom had their names starting from the letter ‘R’. Everybody in the kingdom loved raspberries, except the three royal kids. Actually, they had not tasted it; but hated it; because of its shape, size, texture, and colour. But they really liked blueberries and so wanted their names to be Bluey, Bella and Benz.

One day, all of the kids went out in the forest and ate blueberries. After returning to the palace, they told their parents that they had gone into the forest to eat raspberries. Time passed, and also their hatred towards the raspberries grew more.

After a few months, it was Raserla’s birthday and a raspberry cake was brought. Raserla was upset. But when she ate the cake, she fell in love with raspberries. She said to her siblings, “I love it, it’s just so tasty.”

Resica was confused and said, “What are you talking about?? I also want to taste this yummy thing? Raserla said, “I am talking about the raspberries. They are just so tasty. They are much better than the blueberries.”

Resica and Rasber got disappointed and said, “Hey, you must be kidding, raspberries are the worst things ever right, Bluey.” Raserla said, “Hey I hate this name Bluey and I love my name, Raserla.”

To which Resica said, “I think she has gone crazy, leave it. Let her be a raspberry lover, but we both are blueberry lovers, right, my brother Benz. To which Rasber replies, “Yes, my dearest sister Bella.”

After a few months it was Rasber’s birthday and again a Raspberry cake was brought, Rasber didn’t want to spoil everyone’s mood; so he said nothing and ate the cake. But he didn’t know he would love it so much. “This is the best thing I have eaten!!! I just loved it,” Rasber said.

Resica and Raserla were surprised and said, “What is it?? Is it the blueberry cheesecake I made with honey or is it the raspberry pie I made with milk cream and bread.” Rasber said, “No, it’s the raspberry cake, I just love it and it is much better than blueberries!”

Resica got shocked and said, “Have you lost your mind, blueberries are the best right, Benz. Rasber said, “My name is “Rasber” not Benz.”

Raserla said, “I told you both that raspberries are the best.” To which Resica said, “Oh if this dirty raspberry is so tasty then let me taste it.” Raserla and Rasber gets shocked and say, “Oh sure you can taste the raspberry pie made with milk cream and bread.”

Resica tasted the raspberry pie and liked its taste and said, “I love it more than anything in this world.”