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The power of saying, ‘Thank you!’



By Simarpreet Kaur

The feeling of ‘being thankful’ is gratitude. In our lives, we must try to seek happiness and positivity. It is necessary for our mental health too –  as stated in one of the research papers.

If we continuously think about things which we don’t have, it would lead to negative emotions. So, by being grateful, we can think positive and increase our efficiency to work upon achieving our goals. Remember, us, human beings, have unlimited desires and we always want all of them to be fulfilled. Therefore, gratitude is an absolutely essential gateway to bring more into our lives.

Gratitude also involves a direct relationship with the universe. It is said that if you imagine yourself to be a tower, your thoughts will work like frequency and the universe to be a television. Let us make it simple by considering an example: Right now, if I have an SUV car and want a luxury model, and begin to think, ‘I am not ‘satisfied’ or ungrateful with what I have today.’ I will only emit negative energy to the universe. I won’t be able to fulfill my desires because I am not happy with my present. So, the universe will just predict that when the luxury car is going to be my present, then again, I will not be happy.

Hence, the only change we have to make in our lives is to be thankful everyday. If we will be appreciative of any person who has helped us in our life (even if it is a small help), it will surely make them feel happy. They will be willing to aid us in the future too. If you have praised them and told them that they are very special to you, just by saying two words – ‘THANK YOU, you will see the difference.

Gratitude makes relationships stronger. So, start being grateful for the smallest of things and you will see big changes happening!