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‘The kite’: Poem by Ahana Chaudhary, ACFA



Angels and demons in my head,

I’m still stuck with the same old dread.

All I can see is the past I knew.

Now heaven and hell have split in two.

My fair share of dread is near.

The past is what I always fear.

Why can’t my thoughts be cleared by the rain?

Why are my efforts all in vain?

The beast inside has now been slayed

And I was the one who held the blade.

My days go by like an empty sky.

The heart is heavy with a different lie.

My patience is tested all the time.

The repetitive nature, forced to rhyme.

Never have I been so lost in thought,

That all I did was envy others’ lot.

And God, I am standing here with you,

Forcing out all my fear, deja vu.

God, it feels so tiring now.

Never really knowing what seeds to sow.

But this boat, I have to row.

Even if I feel an immense sorrow.

The days go by at the speed of light.

Well, not light but like a broken kite

The storms are nearing, still in sight.

But here I am with a can of sprite.

I see the storm approaching well

But the string was broken before the spell

Now God has taken the kite in its embrace

For the kite should be broken to pick up pace.

With nothing to restrain its bond with the Earth

The kite is soaring to the highest skies.

Since I have been gifted with birth

I swear to myself that I will rise

If we need to be broken before we soar

Then God, I will rise again and roar

Ahana Chaudhary, BA SEM 1
Apeejay College of Fine Art’s,

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