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The joy of writing



By Reva Singh

Many people have the trait of daily journaling. When a day goes well, which can be due to many possible reasons –  you made some achievement, or you spent some good time with your family, maybe you were appreciated or maybe without any specific reason. On the other hand, when a day goes bad, may be cause you failed in something, or you were criticised by someone or maybe your best friend left the school or without any specific reason – people like writing about that in their diaries.

Why is it so? This question is a mystery. Why do people prefer to narrate their memories, good or bad, to one non-living entity, instead of more living entities? Yes, this question arises, because even though we share our thoughts with our loved ones,  still we write in our diaries. And the answer lies deep within, if we think about it, you know.

There is a driving force, which attracts us to our diaries, notebooks and journals, which makes us freely pour down every bit of our emotion in our hearts. We feel like filling every page of the diary with our feelings and thoughts, true in taste, original and pure at the same time. The driving force is undeniably the joy of writing.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the joy of writing. When you are able to express your inner beliefs, feelings, thoughts, mind, and soul in a beautiful way, then what more do you need for the purpose of communicating yourself out? It actually becomes a true pleasure, an immense feeling of happiness takes over when you are able to truly express yourself in a secure and abundant format. You simply feel happy when you “talk” this way.

Also, people who are not so socially- mingled and have more of an introvert personality, diarising gives them the platform to unleash their pent-up feelings. There are two ways of communication: oral and written. Preferring writing over speaking  gives them the comfort while communicating without hesitation.

One can release all their stress this way, and unfold their hearts by writing about their experiences, how they liked something, how something went bad, how someone perhaps changed them, and how someone helped them to improve. It adds  more meaning to people’s lives. Plus, this practice of summarising our daily experiences helps to create memories. In the future, if we get a moment with  ourselves, we can go down the memory lane by simply turning pages of our  notebook.  And it’s so valuable.

It gives immense joy to behold and feel your complete self. All it needs is a pen and paper and some time. So, you can write, anytime and feel the joy of writing. This method will help you attain self-enrichment through happiness and emotion, love and gratitude, self-improvement and positivity and what not – this art is a mixture of everything. So paint the world colourful with masterly strokes of your brush, masterly words of your meaningful ink!

Hope you would have a wonderful time writing!

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