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The Island of Inventions



By Dakshita Sharma

When Lisa was a kid she had heard about the ‘Island Of Inventions.’ The numerous stories she had listened to about that island impressed upon her memory even while growing up. As a little girl, she could not stop searching for clues to find that island. She thought that the clues would eventually lead to that place of wonder someday.

She read hundreds of adventure books, histories, and volumes of physics and chemistry journals. Taking a little from here and there, she arrived at a conclusion of what this island would look like.

According to her, the island was a secret place where all the wise people of the world would meet. There, they learnt and invented together. Access to the island was restricted and to be able to join that club, one had to create a great invention that could benefit humanity. Only then would someone receive an invitation to get to the island.

And so, Lisa spent years studying and inventing. Every new idea she got, she tried to turn it into an invention. She met many brilliant inventors as well and told them about the secrets and marvels of the ‘Island of Inventions.’ These fellow inventors would likewise dream of receiving the letter of invitation.

As time passed, the disappointment of not being sent the letter gave rise to even greater collaboration among these young inventors. They often met at Lisa’s house which ended up looking like a huge warehouse for machines and spare parts. All of their projects managed to improve lives across the globe and the inventions were showcased worldwide.

Despite all that, no invitation came.

But these motivated people did not lose heart. They continued learning and inventing every day. Fresh talent was added to their group as more and more people dreamt of getting to that island.

One day, Lisa was speaking with a brilliant young woman who had written to her to try to join the group. Lisa told her about the great secret of the ‘Island of Inventions’ and how she was sure that someday they would receive an invitation.

Surprised, the young inventor interrupted Lisa: “What? You mean this isn’t really the Island of Inventions? Isn’t the letter you sent me the real invitation?”

Lisa looked around her and realised that her dream had become true in her very house! She realised no island could exist which would be better than she was in that very moment. She felt happy about this evolution and how she has been dedicated to this field of invention and study through which she is wishing to create wonders.