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‘The emperor of the dark realm’: Poem by Manya Das, Apeejay School, Kharghar



I sailed down the river
Savoring the reddish hue of the sun
I stared as it dwindled its embers
And started to fade down the horizon

It took off his crown
And laid down his mantle
For the next emperor of the azure kingdom
Baiting his breath for his successor

So long appeared the conqueror of the night sky
Flanked by his attendants- the stars in myriads
The stars shone for aeons in glee
Whispering and gliding like the nymphs of the west sea

He sat on the throne and took on his crown
And hence gained the title bestowed
The emperor of the dark realm,
Thus began his legacy

His face shone with brightness,
Which was never his own
Affiliated it was to the sun

As the stars around him twinkled

Nevertheless, glimmering and compelling us
To remember, confidence and patience
Can be borrowed
To become the stepping stones of success

Whenever I glimpse the night sky
It reminds me to always look at the light of positivity
Of that of the moon and stars
It will show us the way to our destinations.
Never submerge in the darkness of negativity
Like that of the night sky
Where sailors pray to reach home before the storm

-Manya Das

Class: 8-A

Apeejay School, Kharghar