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Teachers of Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar, have made learning fun: Richa Arora



Ms. Richa Arora with her husband Manish Arora and children Tanush (L) and Reyansh

Ms. Richa Arora is a homemaker while her husband Manish Arora is in the business of LED TVs. The couple has two sons — Tanush is in class 6 Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar, while Reyansh is in LKG Apeejay Rhythms, Model Town, Jalandhar. In an interview, she explains how her children are benefiting immensely from the school.

Why did you choose Apeejay for your kids?
A lot of people from my extended family have studied in Apeejay schools and Apeejay institutions of Higher Learning and they are all doing extremely well in life. My brother is a chartered accountant while my cousin is a doctor. Tanush was studying in a convent school till class 5, but we were not satisfied with the school. Hence, we decided to shift Tanush in class 6 of Apeejay this session.  Whereas, Reyansh was admitted to Apeejay in Nursery.

Why were you not satisfied with the convent school?
The main reason for choosing the convent school was to improve the English language skills of Tanush. Like most parents we were under the assumption that convent-educated students are well-versed in English. But after class 2, Tanush’s performance in English started deteriorating. We raised the issue with the school management several times, but our pleas fell on deaf ears. We were left with no other choice but to move him out of the school.

Tell us about the progress made by your children?
Due to the ongoing pandemic, Reyansh is yet to attend physical classes. Despite the limitations of online classes, Reyansh has learned a lot because of the hard work put in by the teachers. It’s a challenge in itself to make kids sit in the class for an hour, forgetting about the learning process. I must commend the teachers for making the online classes lively and engaging. They are mixing fun with learning. For example, every Monday during computer class, students are made to play educational computer games. Teachers also ensure that each and every student understands a particular topic. Teachers send weekly-planners for kids in lower grades so that the parents can arrange for the study materials in advance.  If they can’t arrange the materials for some reason or the other teachers guide them to make the best use of available resources at home. To top it all, teachers are incredibly cooperative. You get a prompt reply whenever you get a call or message them. Tanush is making rapid progress too.

Share with us your most memorable moment.
I would like to talk about Reyansh’s first day at school. He got so engrossed playing with toys and exploring the school that he wasn’t ready to go home (laughs). He again went to the school for Lohri celebrations and at that time too he refused to leave the school and go home. He really enjoys his time in the school. I hope the situation gets better and physical classes resume. He also took part in a fancy dress competition.

“After joining the school Reyansh has become confident. Earlier, he was very shy and hesitant in interacting with others, but now he has become more vocal and expressive. I am fully satisfied with the school.”

Ms. Richa Arora

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