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Take care of your canine friend



By Aditri Bansal

Dogs are the most adorable and goofy companions you will ever meet. Their furry paws and pompom-like tail will make you go all aww over them. 

And of course, there are so many perks of owning a dog. Even spending a little quality time with them can affect us positively. They always seem to cheer us up, especially after a bad day and help us cope with anxiety during hard times. They truly are man’s best friend!

In fact, when we are with them, we are the happiest and healthiest. But when they are sad, we also feel down in the dumps. And to keep our pup going strong and healthy, its health should be on our priority list. We should ensure that all its vaccinations are up to date. A complete physical health check-up should be done annually to keep track of their health. Hygiene and cleanliness should be maintained to prevent any kind of diseases. 

Another thing that all pet parents must care for is their pet’s mental health. This topic is not frequently brought up, and so I want to highlight this in my article. Poor mental health of dogs, if gone unnoticed, can cause serious health issues. It may even lead to depression and can bring about a huge change in the overall personality and behaviour of our canine friend. If your dog is acting unusual, look out for these symptoms – If they are:  

* Trying to avoid eye contact 

* Yawning, even when not sleepy or tired  

* Trembling 

* Anxiously pacing back and forth or in circles 

* Whimpering or whining 

And in case you spot any, it’s best to book an appointment with your vet and get things sorted out. 

There are so many abandoned pups around us. So, why not adopt them and save lives. However, we shouldn’t be hasty in making a decision like this and hurriedly get a pup. Instead, we should take things slowly. If we are injudicious in deciding and still get a dog without keeping both our and the dog’s interests in mind, then things may go downhill soon and we may end up giving the dog to a shelter. Therefore, if we can’t devote the time and attention required as well as the love and care it deserves, we shouldn’t get one. It’s always better to adopt than to shop because saving a life is better than helping forcibly breed another. So, are you planning to help dogs and animals in need? It’s time to share our love with all. But remember, “Adopt, don’t shop”

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