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Short Story: The icy secret



By Riddhi Jain

Anaya was a 13-year-old girl. She was very kind.

One fine morning, she woke up and saw a book and a necklace with a blue diamond on it in her room. She immediately ran to tell her parents about it.

Anaya: Mommy, daddy thank you so much for this wonderful present! I will surely read this book and wear this necklace!! It looks really beautiful! But why did you give me this?

Anaya’s mom: (chuckling) Beta, what necklace, what book? We did not give you anything!!

Anaya: Mommy, see this book and this beautiful necklace with a blue diamond.

Anaya’s mom: (chuckling): Beta there is nothing in your hands!! I guess you want to  go and play with your brother!

Anaya(confused): Oh, ok mommy bye!!

Anaya goes to her room and mumbles a few things to herself. She has this habit when she is confused, unhappy or excited. To her shock, she herself could not see the gift in the mirror! But, they were visible in her hands. Suddenly, the book started to float and it spoke:

Book: Anaya, don’t be scared, you are the one who is chosen for being the queen of ice and snow. The more you will help us, the more your power will increase. And yes, keep wearing this necklace. The most important thing is that you don’t tell this to anyone. If you ever need my help then just say “Hey ice book come along, guide me for my questions and finish them all!”

Anaya went blank. Her mind was still processing it all. Eventually, she became very excited.

*Time skipped*

Anaya woke up from her sleep around 4 am and found herself in a mysterious place. People over there were humans but all of them wore necklaces of different colours. She was confused but then she remembered the one thing that the book told her.

Anaya: Hey ice book, come along, guide me for my questions and finish them all!!

Book: yes, icsno what it is?

Anaya: icsno!!!?? Hey book it’s Anaya not icsno

Book: I know but it’s on Earth not for the elementary world. Here your name is icsno.

Anaya: oh! Well mister ice book can you tell me where I am?

Book: This is the elementary world, dear. You are currently 25 galaxies away from the Earth and only people with a really pure soul are able to get these powers and come here. Ok, now let’s start the practice for controlling your power. Page one—

Almost every day they Anaya practiced and slowly she became powerful. One fine day, she saw her cousin, Mahi, in the elementary world. She explained everything to her. Naturally, they became very close.

*On Earth*

Anaya: Mahi, tomorrow we are going to meet God himself.

Mahi: yessss!! We are soo lucky in our family that we are able to see the real him

Anaya: yes.

*The next day in elementary world*

God: Dear elements, I have seen you all your characters, your strength, your weaknesses. And after that, I have decided to make Anaya our next leader.  

Anaya could not believe her ears. She was really happy. She went near him and her blue diamond turned golden.

Anaya: Hey elementos, I vow that I would be the best of all. I will make sure that unity, love, care and humanity stays within us. I try to keep in mind everyone’s happiness as a leader.

*Claps* *Time skips: 1 year later*

Every elemento is really happy with Anaya. She is kind and sweet. A very big monster once came into space and challenged her to defeat him. The fight began on Earth time.

Anaya: ok for the final part, let’s practice our mixed weapon in the count of 1, 2, 3, attack!!!

All the elements join the power and the monster is killed. Everyone claps and Anaya a lot. God blesses her and says, ‘you will live for more than 1000 years.’

Anaya: God, will the same go for our family?

God: no

With that god disappeared. Tears came into her eyes.

*Alarm started to ring*  

Anaya: Was it all a dream!!?? She checked her neck, yes it was all a dream (sigh). It was sweet and scary. The most important thing is my family, not being powerful.