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Short Story: Magical world



By Vardaan Handa

It was nearly 8 o’ clock at night. I was playing with my friends in the playground. Suddenly, a man came and asked us where he could get some water to drink.

It looked like if he didn’t get water immediately, he would collapse. We told him that he could find water at a place nearby. But he was acting weird. Then, he came to us and said, “I am very thankful to you.”

He was about to leave theground, but then he turned around and some bright shone from his eyes. We closed our eyes because the light was very bright and shiny. We were not able to see anything.

We thought that he was going to do some sort of magic on us. But after some time, we found that the man had vanished. We were transported to a forest which had trees with golden apples on their branches. We kept wondering about these sudden developments.

As we were going forward to find our way home, we saw many more weird things like unicorns, dragons, etc., that cannot be found in the real world. Suddenly, we saw a dragon that was coming towards us. It was blowing fire. As soon as we saw it, we started running backwards. And then, I saw a horse who was talking and running. It was telling us to come and sit on it. The horse promised to save us from the wrath of the dragon.

Without any second thoughts, we jumped on its back to save our lives. We talked to the horse and asked how it was able to talk and what its name was. It said that it is “Pepper” and I am able to talk as this world is made by a great magician. But, I am wondering how come you all are here?

Then we told the horse a story. While we were in the story, the same man appeared to the magical world. I said, “This was the man who brought us here,” and then Pepper said, “This is the magician who had made this world.”

Hearing us, the magician answered that he wanted to thank us and show us his world. “Now, you all can explore the world tension-free. No one will harm you. If you ever want to come back to this world, you can just chant ‘Pepper we want to play’. And then he will take you all to this magical world.”

Soon, we became familiar and began to explore new things. We found a chocolate volcano and some trees made up of tasty candies.

As we got tired, we told him that we wanted to go home. He said, “I will send you to your home safely, but before I do that, I want you to promise to not tell anyone about this world. And if you tell anyone about this world, you will not be able to come again.” I didn’t want to lose a good friend like Pepper and the benevolent magician. So, I made my friends pledge the same.

Then, we all reached our home, ate and slept like a baby.