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Remembering the Queen of Melody: Apeejay School, Model Town pays tribute to singer Lata Mangeshkar

Students and parents gathered at the school to celebrate her life journey through her songs



‘Meri Awaaz Hi Pehchaan Hai’ (my voice is indeed my identity) sang the renowned singer Lata Mangeshkar, whose voice still resonates in the hearts and minds of billions, after her demise. She is alive today in the memory of people through her melodious songs and love for her country.

A legend who enriched an entire era through her songs, her voice has been our companion for every occasion, be it birthdays, festivals or prayers. A woman who broke barriers of language, caste, creed, culture, region or religion through her songs, they united the people of India and the globe.

Paying tributes to the queen of melody, students and parents at Apeejay School, Model Town in Jalandhar participated in a concert at the school to celebrate the illustrious life of Lata Ji. Parents and students sang their favourite songs of the singer and sought inspiration from her life. The Principal of the school, Ms. Sinia Sajith said, “Throughout her life, Lata  Ji  was a humble and shy person despite the fact that she was loved by so many people. Through her songs, she spread the magic of Indian music all across the globe in a career spanning eight decades.” The Chief Guests of the day were Ms. P.N. Preeti, a famous vocalist from Jalandhar who has sung at prestigious platforms such as All India Radio and Doordarshan Punjab and Ms. Jasleen Kaur, a student and singer from the Apeejay College of Fine Arts,  Jalandhar. At the event, she said, “Apeejay has given me a golden chance to perform and pay tribute to Lata Ji. She has left us but her golden voice is immortal and will continue to echo in the hearts of everyone.”

Ms. Richa Gupta, mother of class 5 student Dwitika says, “The special assembly in the honour of Lata Ji was a grand success. The school took special initiatives to invite grandparents of their students to this event.  My mother-in-law, Ms. Kamini Gupta, was very happy to perform on stage.”

According to Mr.Vimal Tayal, father of students Chahat Tayal and Vani Tayal, “Lata Mangeshkar Ji was known as the ‘Nightingale of India.’ Her songs were admired by people across generations. Therefore, all the students and parents at the event attempted to capture the beauty of her songs. To give her a tribute in our own way, was an honour for me and my daughters.”

“Apeejay School Model Town in Jalandhar has conducted a wonderful event to pay tribute to Lata Mangeshkar Ji. The students delivered performances and mesmerised the audience with their songs. The legend herself may have passed away but her legacy will certainly go on…,” says Ms. Saloni Sharma, mother of Puneet Bakshi, a class 6 student.

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