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Power of determination



By Bhavleen Kaur

Determination means firmly deciding to pursue something, even in the face of difficulties and obstacles. Individuals who exhibit determination continue to work towards their goals regardless of external factors.

When a person is described as determined, they are typically dedicated to their work and demonstrate resilience in overcoming barriers that may impede their progress. Determined individuals often possess a high level of self-control, responsibility, organisational skills,
goal-oriented mindset, and strong motivation. True determination is reflected in actions rather than mere words or displays of self-confidence.

Determination is a crucial factor in achieving success. It significantly increases the likelihood of accomplishing one’s goals. When someone is genuinely determined, external distractions and challenges are less likely to divert their focus. It is a fundamental quality that can greatly contribute to achieving one’s aspirations.

There are moments when individuals feel motivated and optimistic about their goals, but there are also times when those goals may seem out of reach. During such challenging times, determination can serve as the driving force to persist without altering the original goal. In a student’s life, determination plays a vital role. Students should be determined to complete assigned tasks and remain open to continuous learning.

Ultimately, we all have the potential to achieve our goals and become winners, as winners are essentially ordinary individuals with extraordinary determination.