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‘Pleasant times’: Poem by Varinda Chopra, Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar



Goodbyes are hard

Especially when they’re silent

Bonds like diamond

Eyes like pearls

Words were mine

Love was yours

Long conversations are deep

But sometimes that is what we all need

Take a step, you can’t look back

Once you do, it all seems black

Faults, faults, faults.

It’s all your thoughts

Teens are moody

But they truly feel lonely

What’s life? How many books?

Ah bag so heavy!

Until you’re grown

And realize it was empty

We have miles to go,

Miles to find

Its okay to cry, okay to try

Sometimes smile, sometimes lie

But we all will be alright

So say goodbyes with a hug

Get lost in the chatter

Treat teens with warmth

Cause thats all they want

See the sky, see the moon

Work hard! You’ll reach there soon.

Varinda Chopra, 
Apeejay School, Mahavir Marg, Jalandhar
Class: X-B