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Nothing to prevent cancer? 



I know nothing can prevent cancer as it’s a human-eating disease. The cancer patients bear a lot of pain during the treatment. My two grandmothers suffered from the same disease. One of my grandmothers died because of large intestine cancer which spread up to liver (in a short span of time). With the doctor’s suggestions, we spent a lot of money to treat her cancer and found some positive changes after the operation. But unfortunately, we lost her in a few months.

My 2nd grandmother recently tested positive for breast cancer. The doctor told it’s a 3rd grade cancer and needs to be operated immediately. A few weeks ago, she was operated successfully.

There is important information that I would like to share with you all. My 2nd grandmother does go for walk for almost one km, eats 2-3 garlic cloves daily and drinks turmeric water every morning and evening .

Both my grandmothers did not eat too much junk food. Plus, it isn’t genetic also. Then how? I have heard many doctors saying eating garlic, walking and doing exercise daily can stop the cancer cells from growing, but I don’t think so because my grandmother ate 2-3 garlics everyday, even if it tastes bad and also she followed a daily exercise routine.

So I would like to ask doctors how did my grandmother get cancer? Why can’t anyone find a medicine to treat cancer or find its causes? If you can find medicine or preventions for every other disease, so why not this disease? Some kids are born as cancer patients, how? Is it because of the food their parents would have eaten?

Doctors and medical scientists, please find the prevention or medicine to treat this disease to prevent future generations. A few weeks ago, a medicine was found to treat Cancer as ’18 patients took the drug Dostarlimab for six months, and all of them had their cancer vanished’. I’m praying that this medicine turns out to be useful and effective for cancer patients. 

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