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Not all relationships are meant to last forever



By: Muskan Puri

In our entire life, since birth, the first relationship is with our mother. After that, we enter and leave many relationships. However, the most crucial time is when relationships are ending. It becomes exceedingly difficult to accept it, and come to terms with the fact that someone who was a significant part of our past, will no longer be a significant part of our future.

Once we are in the age of 9-14 years, we start choosing people with whom we want to stay connected or not. Sometimes, we go far away from our parents because we think the person who is giving us presents, love, and care is a genuine relationship. But sometimes we come to know that it is just infatuation. That is the reason we have to remember ‘Not all relationships are meant to last forever’.

People say, only romantic relationships hurt when the couple breaks up. But, in my opinion, I feel be it any relationship – friendship or bond two or more persons, are hurt whenever their relation breaks. Several people come and go in our lives – those people can be our family members, friends, girlfriend, or boyfriend. But there is a reason behind everything. Many times, the relationships we partake in are there simply to teach us something. It allows us to grow and mature. Every kind of situation we face always gives us a lesson. It allows us to learn about ourselves, others, and relationships in general.

When a relationship ends, we start asking questions to ourselves, why did it end? Why always me? There is always one clear answer to these questions – ‘It was not meant to last forever’. At that point, it can be a scary thought but later, it will make sense. When someone goes out of our life, we curse ourselves for such reasons, we cry a lot, and we tend to isolate ourselves. We just need a dark room, in which we can scream and calm ourselves, because the person who had left will never come back and this thought tears us apart. We, people, in social gatherings feel alone, and that is the reason we get into depression.

Life is just like a movie. Characters would come, play their roles and leave. Like in movies, we are the main lead of our life, which excites us, gives us a chance to think, and can even motivate us to live better lives. As it is our life, we are the writer, director, and main characters who are filming their own story. From such a perspective, we can use that philosophy to tackle whatever scene comes our way.

We all deserve the best in our lives. Never look back and regret, whatever bad happens, let it go. There are some situations over which we do not have any control and we cannot stop people from staying in our lives. So, get up, learn to live alone, and move on. But do not forget the lessons because all those would make you grow and be more productive.