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‘No learning loss due to pandemic; Apeejay Nerul has not let students suffer’



Ruby Nishad Sam with her husband Nishad Sam and children Joann Nishad Sam and Joshua Nishad Sam  

Ruby Nishad Sam works with HDFC bank as a Branch Operations Manager in Navi Mumbai while her husband Nishad Sam has his own business of Non Destructive Testing (NDT). For the uninitiated, NDT is the process of inspecting, testing, or evaluating materials without causing damage. Their two children, Joann Nishad Sam and Joshua Nishad Sam, have been studying in Apeejay School, Nerul since nursery. Joann is in class 7 while Joshua is in class 2. In an interview, Ruby explains how Apeejay has ensured that students’ learning is not impacted due to school closure.

Why did you choose Apeejay?

We wanted a CBSE school and Apeejay Nerul was our first choice as it has built a rich legacy in the field of quality education. We also received great feedback about the school from our friends whose children are studying in the school.

How has the growth of your children been over the years?

They are flourishing in all aspects of their school life.  Earlier, my daughter Joann was a little timid, but now she is confident and expressive. Her interaction with teachers during the classes has seen a huge uptick over the years. I think online classes have made kids more interactive as they have more things to share being at home. Even the shy students have opened up a lot as they feel less intimidated in online class compared to physical classes. In Apeejay, online learning has not hampered the teacher-student interactions. Talking about my son Joshua, he has become more responsible. He can now independently set up online classes and manage everything on his own. He doesn’t require our supervision.

Are you happy with the efforts put in by the teachers, especially during the pandemic?

They have done a wonderful job. From the start of the pandemic, the teachers have been on their toes. They have kept the children involved. Obviously, students are missing the school, but there has been no learning loss due to the pandemic. I can say with full conviction that academically students have not suffered. School teachers and management have done a commendable job. Teachers are also open to interacting with parents and students after school hours. In Parent-Teacher meetings they pay heed to the feedback of parents. For example, initially the online classes were a bit long, but on parents’ request the duration of online classes was reduced. Teachers are constantly evolving their pedagogical practices to deliver their best through the online medium.

“Teachers have come up with innovative and engaging ways to teach students. They know that they have to think outside the box to keep students focussed during online classes. No wonder, students are engaged in the class.”

Ruby Nishad Sam

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