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“New technology and tools can shift the experts into the role of novices multiple times in their career” – Mr Raja Agnihotri, Chief Business Officer, Sarvotham



Mr Raja Agnihotri, Chief Business Officer, Sarvotham

Nothing has taught the world about clinical trials like the anticipation of a vaccine getting developed against Covid-19. To address the trends and opportunities in Clinical trials, School of Biosciences, Apeejay Stya University hosted a webinar with Mr. Raja Agnihotri, Chief Business Officer, Sarvotham on April 17, 2021.

Mr. Agnihotri started off by shedding some light on the importance of clinical trials in bringing out a safe and effective product for the consumption of the patients. He mentioned that every trial is conducted in four phases and involves various steps and stakeholders including healthy volunteers.

During the end of 2019, Covid-19 came as “the jerk” to the Pharma industry that disrupted the entire process of clinical trials. It was a big challenge as normal physical communication had to be stopped and despite the situation, the industry was still expected to grow. Delay of even one day in a trial costed an exponential amount of money, Mr. Agnihotri explained.

Owing to “the jerk”, the industry had to innovate and adapt. Clinical research trial planning for 2021 had to adopt the idea of flexibility in their protocol. Trial sites recognized the need to prepare for growth and operational strategies aligned to business goals.

Further into the webinar, Mr. Agnihotri explained multiple trends and their impact on the industry. He called the first trend “All Eyes on Clinical Trials” – it created a drastic impact as never before clinical trial testing and speed to market had been discussed in the sphere of current events. There was a need to eliminate or reconfigure operations to necessitate the fewest possible steps while still meeting standards of quality.

Mr Agnihotri also explained the tech skills and digital natives in demand as the clinical trial industry is evolving. “Clinical professionals can gain the skills to become proficient in their role but new technology and tools can shift these experts into the role of novices multiple times in their career”
He concluded the session by saying that India is a prominent destination for clinical trials and that requires clinical research professionals. So, it is important to stand-out and showcase one’s skills in the field and when an opportunity presents itself, the professional should be able to grow in the field of clinical research trials.

The session was moderated by Dr. Vyas M Shingatgeri, Dean, School of Biosciences, Apeejay Stya University.
Mr Raja Agnihotri is currently the Chief Business Officer with Sarvotham, he completed his MPharm (Pharmacology) from Karnataka University.

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