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Nature and us: A source of positive energy 



By Sukhbir Pathak

I am amazed by Nature! Whenever I look at Nature, I seek positive energy and tend to stay with it longer than I had intended. Material things that give joy are also necessary, but they cannot give you everything you need.

And Nature is different. It does not seek anything in return and stays as is. It does not require human intervention but needs sources to grow. The more we realise that, the more different our way of looking at things will be. For some realisation is just a thought and they don’t want to change. But each such thought should be followed by implementation.

A man can sit by the river alone yet he may not be able to meditate. Whereas, some other person can have a calm mind amidst chaos. So, if we look around, we will see minds with different abilities. An individual can act differently at every second, but we only see what we want to see, we hear what we want to hear. People do not accept things easily, and most of them deny change. But, in one way or another, like this, one tends to reject life itself.

As things happen, good, bad or ugly, we all must realise that these will happen even if it is in our power or not. Therefore, one should accept change, and not seek attachment towards material things. People should know how to let things go. 

I suggest if we sit by Nature, close our eyes and be a witness of our thoughts, a number of questions, emotions, and thoughts would flow through like a river. One should witness that but not seek to become a part of it because the more you can practice doing it, sooner or later, you will be able to have a sense of control on your mind.

Achieving calmness is a journey, and people who want to jump straight at the final step, often fail. They usually remain the same from where they had started, and stay the same till they have jumped onto the last step. For one may not accept and run away from reality, but the one who seeks to go through change, accepts and lives life.

People go to places to seek enlightenment and come back being the same person they started with. Some search for the truth but do not accept life, others see life as it is. People do have a sense of realisation and implementation of values which helps them come closer to the truth. They carry it within themselves, and do not get affected by the outer world by keeping their inner world constant.

Nature keeps playing its different roles; but one forgets to cherish life to its fullest. The body itself consists of chemicals and compounds which are perfectly valued and synchronised. And we don’t need anything more to live life completely.

One just needs to have control over their mind. The mind which is not well-nurtured shall create problems. Persons who accept these challenges and continue to live peacefully are always closer to the truth. And the determination towards it answers all the questions.

Enlightenment carries a new life and makes one look at things like one has never imagined before. The taste of everything changes, once you become a better version of yourself. Seek positivity and cherish life, and for me trees have always been the most penetrating preachers. 

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi