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MYP students shape future roadmap in ‘Year-End’ workshop



By Naman Vasdev

How can we empower students and shape the future of education? The most recent session presented by Apeejay School International, Panchsheel Park, “A Year-End conversation with Middle-Years-Programme (MYP) students on future roadmap,” provided learners with an open forum to discuss their objectives. The workshop aimed to give them voice, recognising their significant influence in education.

The session, which was guided by seasoned educators and facilitators and included students from a range of backgrounds and grade levels, was a prime example of the school’s commitment to involving students and valuing their ideas. Through interactive workshops, small group conversations, and brainstorming activities, students were able to openly communicate their experiences, successes, and challenges they have faced over the years.

In addition to this, the importance of the MYP curriculum for preparing children for the future was emphasised during the event. Students had the chance to discuss their professional aspirations, obtain guidance from mentors and lecturers, and clarify their own objectives. Student participation was particularly notable for the MYP curriculum, and development of a more diverse learning environment.

The session reaffirmed Apeejay’s dedication to student-centred education and the value of the opinions and ideas of students. In this way, Apeejay catered to focusing on students, and exemplified how student’s educational development is prioritised for a better future.

The school intends to use the insights from the workshop to address the requirements and goals of students in curriculum development going forward. The goal of this all-inclusive approach was to make learning more dynamic and interesting for all MYP students.

The workshop gave all a valuable opportunity to express their ideas and goals. Apeejay’s commitment to student-centered education is bolstered by this collaborative effort, which ensures that students actively participate in shaping their educational journey.