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‘My Hypothesis’: Poem by Aanya Singh, Apeejay School Noida



My Hypothesis

I admired the chapters of others,
Story of them fascinated me,
The beginning shines in my eyes,
Till I reach the midway.

And so, I started negotiating with God,
Something better than my current truth,
Something worse than my imagination,
As I was a quick judge. 

Made my judgement without hearing both the sides,
I was the judge, the victim, and accused,
I accused myself and my belongingness,
God’s mercy and creations for mine. 

Read the chapters further coming close,
To the saturation of envy,
My envious trait hurted me hard,
Gave me forever scars. 

I found myself with the ugliest truth,
Without knowing the reality,
As I was a quick judge, 
I made myself the accused,
Started deriving conclusions. 

My judgement went through changes,
Soon, the real truth was left for me to witness,
I kept on turning the pages,
Striked the ending, the sad heart-breaking truth,
Shattered my heart and the envious feeling,
Changed from sympathy to empathy. 

 Aanya Singh
Apeejay School Noida
Class: IX-G