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‘My daughter’s teachers clear complicated concepts with ease’

A mother talks about how the school is playing a significant role in unleashing her daughter’s innate talent



Sayontoni Bhattacharya is an Art & Craft Teacher and her husband, Ankshu Bhattacharya, is HR at Nippon Steel Engineering. They are proud parents of Anshika Bhattacharya enrolled in Class 10 at Apeejay Svran Global School, Faridabad. In an interview, Mrs. Bhattacharya says, “I decided to enroll my daughter at Apeejay before she was born.”  Excerpts from the interview:

Were you aware of Apeejay before enrolling Anshika in the school?

Yes. We have a background with Apeejay as my father-in-law was an alumnus of Apeejay School, Saket. So, we were aware of its legacy and the quality of education. As Apeejay Svran Global, Faridabad was building near our house, my father-in-law decided to get our child enrolled in the school. For us, Apeejay was an obvious choice.

Tell us what you think about the way teachers conduct classes.

My daughter got enrolled in the first batch of the school. I would like to say that Apeejay’s education process is different from other schools as they focus on the holistic development of the child. We are never worried about my kids’ education as their teachers act like their second parents, guide, and friends. I can’t even think of changing the school as I am very satisfied with the teachers and the education they provide to the child. I feel they understand kids way better than us. They clear complicated concepts with ease so that students get a better understanding of them.

I am also a teacher by profession and seeing my daughter’s teachers putting a lot of effort into her impresses me a lot not only as a parent but also as a teacher.

Do you interact with teachers on a regular basis?

I pick up my daughter from school every day. So, I get a chance to meet not only the teachers, but the Principal ma’am quite often. The teachers and the principal of the school are so interactive and welcoming that whenever we face any issues they are easily reachable.

Have you noticed any particular improvement in your child?

Anshika is a Kathak dance student and will be graduating soon. I would like to mention that we were never aware of this talent of hers, but her teacher identified the skills and advised us to get her trained for the same. Teachers at Apeejay observe the skills of the students at school and help them with polishing. 

How well does the school ensure children’s safety and security?

Earlier, my daughter used to go to school by bus and we saw a female attendant and a teacher always on the bus, who on an everyday basis maintained a register of student pick up and dispersal. This gave us immense satisfaction about children’s safety.

Divya is a Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has a degree of Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication. She was a former sub-editor at News 24. Her passion for writing has always contributed to her professional and personal growth.