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Multiple entry, exit option in higher studies not for India: House panel



Following objections raised by various student and teacher organisations regarding the inclusion of the Multiple Entry and Multiple Exit (MEME) option in the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, led by BJP MP Vivek Thakur, has recommended that the Centre engage in discussions with relevant stakeholders.

In their report titled ‘Implementation of the National Education Policy, 2020 in Higher Education,’ the panel noted that Indian institutes may encounter difficulties in implementing this system. This report was presented in both Houses of Parliament during a special session.

The NEP introduces the concept of multiple entry and multiple exit options for students in higher education. However, the panel expressed concerns that while MEME appears to offer a flexible approach, which has been effectively employed by western educational institutes, it may not be as suitable for India. Citing the country’s high population, the panel pointed out that the projected yearly intake of students in higher education is substantial. If institutes adopt MEME, it could pose significant challenges in forecasting the number of students exiting and entering midway. Since institutes would lack clarity on the flow of students, it would inevitably disrupt the pupil-teacher ratio, the report noted.