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Meditation: Mantra for peace of mind



By Nandini Sharma

Meditation means engaging in mental exercises such as concentrating on breathing or repetition of a mantra which helps to improve mental health. At times, some negative thoughts and emotional feelings can bother us for days. Daily meditation can help you feel better and more positive by lowering the risk of depression.

According to research, meditation helps increase your focus, attention and improve your ability to multitask. It helps clear out the minds and focus on the present moment which gives you a huge productivity boost.

In Hindu mythology, there are so many examples wherein normal human beings and sages meditated for years to gain higher spiritual powers. Through meditation they have risen above the tensions of life and have aligned their souls with the almighty.

Meditation is the only way to connect to the inner self. And mindfulness meditation is the most effective way to achieve peace of mind.

The stages of meditation practice are:

Sit comfortably

Deep breathing

Close your eyes

Be aware of your thoughts

Concentration on mind

Slowly inhale or exhale

Focus on your breath

Gently open your eyes when you are ready.

All you need to do is give 10 minutes of your morning or evening to improve your quality of life. It may take practice, but doing this every day can help bring you peace of mind, inner strength and happiness. If you are looking for more feel-good mind and body practices, yoga, exercise, healthy cooking and self-care are good options.

Harvard research and many individuals anecdotally have documented that meditating eases stress and increases feelings of well-being. So meditate and smile!