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How Max and Ruby became a family



By Aditi Gupta

I passed through that path every day, irrespective of my odd office timings. Going there was a mandatory task for me. And on my way to the office, everyday, I saw two puppies playing together, running around. They were so adorable that I wanted to take them to my home.

Growing up, I always wanted a dog, but I was not allowed to keep one. Whenever I’d get time, I’d go and see them, feed them and play with them. As much as I wanted to keep them, since they had no owners and were on the streets homeless, I couldn’t.

My landlord had strictly said “no pets allowed” in the apartment. On my way back home from office, I’d always leave some of the lunch to feed them. I named the dogs, Max and Ruby.

One day my boss saw me hanging out with them and to my surprise, I discovered he also loved dogs very much. He asked me, “Why can’t you just adopt them.” After telling him my situation, he felt bad and decided that they could stay in his office where they’d finally have a home! Everyone fell in love with Max and Ruby, and they became a part of our office team.