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Mastering the art of crafting an outstanding college essay

Ms Dakshita Singh, English Facilitator at Apeejay School International, Panchsheel Park, unlocks the gateway to academic success with proven strategies



As the college application season approaches, it is time to embark on an exciting journey – one that is sure to take you to your dream destination. One of the key components of this passage, is writing a captivating Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Personal Essay. One must think of this essay as the brushstroke that defines the canvas of life. To make this process simpler, Ms Dakshita Singh, English Facilitator at Apeejay School International, Panchsheel Park, shares ways to make a college application essay stand out from the rest. Read On.

College essay is not merely a list of your achievements; it is an opportunity to present your unique life experiences and skills. Besides, everyone has a story to tell and it is crucial to bring your personal narrative to the forefront. So, delve into your background, passions, and interests that have shaped you as an individual. Remember, colleges are interested in the person behind the transcripts; let your personality shine through your words.

In your essay, ensure to weave a connection between your personal experiences and academic, professional aspirations. Highlight how your unique journey has fuelled your passion for the field you’re interested in. Furthermore, explain how your experiences have shaped your long-term goals. This connection is the essence of a compelling essay, showing the admissions committee that you have thoughtfully considered your path.

Before you dive into writing, take a moment to plan your essay’s structure. Surely, a well-organised essay has a greater impact. Start with a captivating introduction that hooks your reader, followed by a clear and structured body that presents your story and connects it to your goals. Conclude it with a memorable ending that leaves a lasting impression. This outline will serve as your roadmap to a well-crafted essay.

Not all colleges are the same, and so, your essay shouldn’t be either. Customise your essay for each college or programme you are applying to. Research the institution’s values, mission, and the specific programme you are interested in. Showcase how your aspirations align with theirs and this will have the admission committees appreciate applicants who show a genuine interest in their institutions.

Never underestimate the power of proofreading and editing. Even the most eloquent writers make mistakes. After you have completed your essay, take the time to review it for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It would be a good idea to ask someone you trust to proofread as well; a fresh set of eyes can catch things you might have missed.

Conclusively, a college essay is your chance to present your unique self, ambitions, and experiences to the admissions committee. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to think critically, articulate your goals, and connect your personal journey to your academic and professional aspirations. With careful planning, tailoring, and proofreading, you can craft an essay that not only captures the attention of the admissions committee but also increases your chances of securing a spot in your dream college. Remember, your story is unique, and it is your time to shine!

Best of luck with your college applications!

Please noteThis article has been written by Ms. Dakshita Singh. Views expressed are those of the author only.