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‘Lost in darkness’: Poem by Ridhima Khurana, Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park



Oh! How much I wish to be lost in this darkness forever and ever
Just solitude and me
Space for nothing else

Sometimes I wonder how peaceful it would be to stay away from all the miseries of this barbaric world
I wonder how it would be to begin the morning with the chirping of birds and ending the day with crickets singing?

I wonder if I really deserve it. Do I deserve it or do we all deserve it??
Stuck on a cliffhanger
Don’t know where to go
A thought comes that comes rarely

A voice inside of me speaks. Feels like I should not ignore it this time


“I don’t know”
“Still on a cliffhanger?”
“Still trying to find the answer”

 Poem by: Ridhima Khurana
Class: 9-C

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