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‘Life at a turn’: Poem by Jasmilan Kaur, AIMETC



You lie selflessly on your bed,

            thinking about OUR future and your PAST, but not about your PRESENT…

            You lie there like a white bunny,

            Fighting all your pain and sorrow on YOUR OWN;

            cause you think you have NO-ONE beside you,

            The WHOLE WORLD beside you for all the strength you want!!!

            You have a broad smile on your face,          

            Yet tears rolling down your cheeks,

            Like those  were worth a LIFE,

            Like those had to SHOUT at someone!!!

            “God helps those who help themselves!”      

            So why did we spend your WHOLE LIFE HELPING others and waste our time     

impressing OTHERS when we can devote that time to help OURSELVES?

            I selflessly believe that none but GOD would surely look after you as you were his FAVOURITE CHILD!

            He has always destined something better for everyone and BEST for you!

            Wait for your KARMA for to work,

            It works:

            It doesn’t have to do anything with your subconscious mind!
            “All you have to do is STAY!”

            Wait for him to have pity on you,

            Cause he never made the word HATE!

            Wait for your life to SMILE BACK at you,

            Cause you too lived your life once with HAPPINESS!

            Wait for the GOOD to happen!

            God watches! Cheat him: Regret , Loose life!

            Be honest, just to yourself!

            Live the life which he gave and create beauty!

Poem by: Jasmilan Kaur
BCA III, Apeejay Institute of Management Engineering and Technical Campus (AIMETC)

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