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Lessons that Covid-19 taught me 



By Sukhbir Pathak

The Covid-19 pandemic is the most unexpected phase that humankind has ever experienced. This deadly phase brought everything to a standstill. Businesses collapsed and companies shut down, triggering a financial crisis. Many lost their jobs! While others struggled to earn their daily bread. 

In no time, it disrupted our daily lives with social distancing becoming the norm. Many countries imposed lockdowns to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. However, thousands of people across the world were infected and many of them succumbed to Covid-19 during the first and the second waves. This has been a time when many experienced death closely or lost their loved ones.

This is also the time that taught human beings important life lessons. It changed our priorities in life. I learnt that health plays a major role in each individual’s life. We saw healthy people with strong immunity able to fight the virus more effectively. Incorporating small things in our everyday routine became valuable. For instance, going for a morning walk! 

Moreover, happiness lies in the little things. Those badly infected with the virus lost their sense of taste and smell. They shared their experiences of how much they relished their home-cooked meals after recovering.

Another learning has been that there is no stronger bond than Family. So many were stuck alone during the lockdown. It was an unbearable and tough phase for them. Miles away from their home, people lived each day with a constant fear of their safety and that their family is in good health.

And during such a time, kindness matters! Look around yourself and help people as much as you can. Karma says, “You get what you give.” And surviving this pandemic, I think, we all are realising that what we have given is coming to us. 

No doubt, a small virus made an impactful difference to our lives in these last two years. And now with the news of Omicron making its way, let’s be together and take initiatives to defeat this. Certainly, we do not wish to experience those lockdown days once again.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi