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Know Your Teacher: ‘I am passionate about making a difference in young learners’

A Hindi teacher at Apeejay School says that she loves to see children learn and grow



She has been a teacher for 31 years now. After completing her BEd and Masters in Hindi, she joined Apeejay School, Saket in 1994 because it has been one of the most prestigious and renowned names in the education industry across the country to date. Her goal to teach here has been successfully achieved. It has made it possible for her to shape the future of a lot of children during her tenure. Meet Chand Nanda.

“I grow each day with my children. Life is about learning. We can give our children strong roots and powerful wings to fly independently. I have tried my level best to inculcate the value through stories, anecdotes, and life stories or biographies of great people. I feel satisfied when I see children imbibing them in real life,” Nanda said.

Excerpts from an interview.

I have been a proud teacher for more than half of my life; it has been 31 years. Teaching is my passion. As a teacher, I love to see children learn and grow, and I find it incredibly rewarding to help them develop new skills and knowledge. I believe that teaching is an important profession that can have a positive impact on society, and I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of young learners.

Hindi, as a subject, is something most people nowadays don’t pay much attention to but being our native language, it plays a very important role in learning about our culture. As far as interest goes, anything can be made interesting if it’s made interactive. If kids can be engaged and made to feel like learning something is fun, more than half of the work is done. Activities like quizzes, dialogues, discussions, and rewards are great motivators.

Over the years, classroom teaching has changed a lot. For example, technology has become an important part of education, with interactive whiteboards and tablets being used in many classrooms. Teachers are also using more collaborative learning techniques, where students work together in groups to solve problems or complete projects. There is also a greater focus on individualised learning, where teachers tailor their instruction to the needs of each student.

Hindi, as a subject, is something most people nowadays don’t pay much attention to but being our native language, it plays a very important role in learning about our culture

Chand Nanda, Hindi Teacher at Apeejay School, Saket

Has technology impacted teaching and learning? How do you deal with it?

Technology has had a huge impact on teaching and learning, and it can be a very effective tool for engaging students and making lessons more interactive. However, it’s important to strike a balance and not rely too heavily on technology, as it can never replace the personal connections and relationships that are so important in education. As a teacher, I try to incorporate technology into my lessons in a way that supports student learning and helps them to stay engaged and motivated.

Teaching can be a challenging profession, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. I stay motivated by focusing on the positive impact that I am making in the lives of my students, and by continually learning and growing as a teacher. I also try to maintain a healthy work-life balance, by taking breaks when I need them and finding time for hobbies and other interests outside of school.

To keep primary students engaged, I try to make my lessons as fun and interactive as possible. I use a variety of teaching techniques, including games, songs, and hands-on activities, to help students stay focused and interested. I also try to connect the material to the students’ interests and experiences and encourage them to participate and ask questions.

As a teacher, it’s important to be a lifelong learner, because education is constantly evolving and changing. By staying up-to-date with new teaching techniques and technologies, and by continually learning and growing as a professional, teachers can provide the best possible education for their students. It’s also important to model the importance of learning to our students and to show them that we are always seeking new knowledge and skills.

Holistic development is important because it recognises that children are not just academic learners, but also emotional, social, and physical beings. By providing opportunities for students to develop in all of these areas, we are helping them to become well-rounded individuals who are better equipped to handle the challenges of the future. In the long run, this can lead to greater success in all areas of life, including academic, personal, and professional pursuits.

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