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Jealousy, friendship and redemption



By Renayesha Kalra

This story is inspired by the diary of a young 15-year-old girl named Flora, who nearly jeopardised her friend Sunny’s hard work due to jealousy over Sunny’s popularity.

The story begins with Sunny’s friends discussing the yearbook. (The yearbook serves as a memory album created by the yearbook committee at the end of the school year.) Sunny holds the position of president of the yearbook committee. While diligently working on the yearbook, Sunny encounters Flora, who reminds him that they have met before but he still couldn’t recognise her

The next day, Sunny and her friends decide to gather on the beach. There, Sunny reconnects with her friend Olivia, who proudly claims to be the most influential student in their school. Sunny rolls her eyes at Olivia’s boast and rejoins her group of friends.

Later that day, Sunny catches a glimpse of Flora deleting data related to the progress made on the yearbook. Suspicion arises, as Sunny believes that Flora’s actions stem from jealousy over his popularity. Recognising that Flora might be in need of a good friend’s support, Sunny recalls his own experiences. He had once been in a similar situation but was fortunate to have friends like Zap, Twilight, Radler, Nancy, and Iris who guided her through it.

Sunny approaches Flora and asks if she would like to be his friend. Flora nods her head in agreement, saying, “Yes.” From that moment on, they work together to recover the lost data, mending their friendship and ensuring the yearbook project is back on track.