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Instagrammable design: why it makes sense for brands



By Riya Kumar

It is said that a society is set up on the basis of norms. However in this contemporary world, trend is the new norm. Trends are like a breath of fresh air that wrap themselves around the minds of the customers. These breezes influence the consumption power of a customer. In order to get customers it is important for a brand to be trendy, to be instagrammable.  To mark their brand’s presence in the minds of the customers, it is important how a brand conducts itself in terms of packaging.

 Instagram is the new advertising platform. A lot of businesses are primarily being promoted through Instagram. But in order to be aesthetically attractive on Instagram feeds, it is important to follow the trends. So, instagrammable packaging is the new and very inspiring advertising tactic being used by the brands these days in order to attract customers and create their brand position in the market.   

Marketers are trying to promote brands by using cute, personalised, aesthetic packaging, which gives a feeling of luxury to customers. It isn’t the traditional way of packing your products in a box, but a manner in which a brand is able to appeal to customers through its appearance. If a brand is not aesthetically instagramable or fashionable, the brand is not marketing itself well.

In the virtual era, people’s buying decisions are influenced by what is trendy and what is worth posting on Instagram.

People these days go up to those places which can be easily bragged about in a very fashionable way on social media: the clothes one wears, the food one consumes, the car one drives, even the coffee one drinks if that ain’t Dalgona enough, it isn’t up to speed with the current trends .

Brands are looking at instagrammable packaging since it is a great way of being picked up and being flaunted on social media. If a brand can be flaunted well by customers, it can become the new trend, a new fresh breeze that helps marketers increase their sales and widen their customer base.

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