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India issues advisory for students, nationals in Canada



On 20 September, 2023, India advised its citizens to refrain from traveling to specific regions of Canada due to a diplomatic dispute.

The Ministry of External Affairs has urged all Indian nationals in Canada and those considering travel to exercise extreme caution due to the escalating anti-India activities, politically-sanctioned hate crimes, and criminal violence in the country.

Recent threats have been specifically directed towards Indian diplomats and segments of the Indian community that oppose the anti-India agenda. It is directed that Indian nationals refrain from traveling to areas and venues in Canada where such incidents have occurred.

Indian nationals and students residing in Canada are strongly advised to register with either the High Commission of India in Ottawa or the Consulates General of India in Toronto and Vancouver via their respective websites or the MADAD portal at This registration will facilitate more effective communication between the High Commission, Consulates General, and Indian citizens in Canada in case of emergencies or unforeseen incidents, as stated by the Ministry of External Affairs.