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Inauspicious number 13?



Number 13 is considered an unlucky number for some people. But why is it unlucky? Is there any statistical proof to support this superstition? Today, the number 13 is synonymous with misfortune. I would like to share my opinion on the number 13.

History has time and again proven the number 13 to be a diabolical entity, sneaking in corners, ready to cause bad omens so that the fear of this number over the centuries has compounded manifold. 

  • Apollo 13 was launched on 11th April and it underwent an explosion on 13th April.
  • Zoroastrian tradition predicts chaos in the 13th millennium.
  • As we know, 13 is the age of transition for every girl or boy. It is an age when a child officially becomes a teenager.
  • In Hindu mythology, Maha Shivratri is celebrated on the thirteenth night of the Magha month, which is very sacred and a holy night for all the devotees.
  • In the sacred book of Sikhs, the Guru Granth Sahib, the word Waheguru which means eternal Guru appears 13 times.

The list goes on and I beg to differ. 

Being a student of Mathematics, the first thing I learned was that for a phenomenon to be true, there must be no exceptions. The fact that we are able to find numerous exceptions to this phenomenon is proof enough for it to be baseless superstition.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi